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Telemetrics Are Like Car Nannies?

Telemetrics is a system used to collect information about your driving. Information is collected regarding your mileage and driving habits. Most often, these programs operate through an app on your phone, but sometimes you may install a device on your vehicle.

Insurers use the data to offer potential saving on your insurance premiums and in some cases, provide driving feedback or safe driving awards. Each of our companies offer a unique program for their insureds.

Auto Owners
The Auto-Owners program, True Ride, uses an app that you install on your phone. Information on each trip is collected and a feedback score is provided for the following categories: total mileage driven, time of day, smoothness, and roads. Hard braking, harsh acceleration, and high speeds are recorded as well. You receive general feedback in terms of a driving score based on a point system.

Snapshot Rewards You for Good Driving

State Auto
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